Taking Delight in life’s
little things is your thing.

Let’s make them last by capturing + creating photographic art from your most important moments. Let’s Take Delight.

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From Planning to Printing

I will walk you through it all m’dear! Just 4 easy steps below, follow me.

1. Plan it Out:

from outfits to setting and the moments that matter to you down to the styles and sizes of wall hangings and albums you want.

2. Take the Photos

Your photography experience will feel more like a casual get together with your favorite people +  there just so happens to be a quirky gal present to capture it all.

3. Prepare for Magic

After you ooh and ahh over your fave images we’ll pair them with the products you loved in step 1. If this feels something like magic – oh just you wait – Step 4 is where it’s at!

4. Take Delight!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – taking delight in your tangible, beautiful moments on display in your home!

Local delivery + installation included so you can effortlessly Take Delight.

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10% of proceeds go to CompassionVillage.org

It is my JOY to be in business to serve those celebrating their favorite moments in life and it is my honor to do a little good in this world because of people like you.

CompassionVillage.org provides complete support and services to those experiencing homelessness in a way that traditional services just can’t do. They’re sustainable, well-rounded, scalable and just about anyone can get involved. Find out more here!

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