Take Delight Photography

Do you treasure the still moments a camera can capture? Me too! That’s why I’ve created an easy, three step process to heirloom quality images for your home and heart, sharing my expertise from planning to printing.

Not only will you have a delightful experience, treasured treats for your home, and an expert curator to make it all happen, but 10% of all proceeds go directly to support the mission of Compassion Village: sustainable and affordable community-supported housing for the homeless!

Happening Now!

How are we approaching Thanksgiving?! I’m not sure how time has flown by this last couple months but I’m so excited for the Holidays!

Brittany has been busy with Fall family portrait sessions and only has one last available date for photos, November 19th. After that she’ll be focusing on Christmas card designs, wrapping up wedding planning, and spending time with loved ones. Use the contact form below to book your session now!

What To Expect

Take Delight exists to cherish and capture the delight unique to every client and each occasion. To truly treasure the still moments a camera can capture I believe those moments must be printed, touched, felt, and seen in real-life. So I’ve created an easy full service 3-step process to make it happen!

  1. we plan: what are your highest hopes for the photographing of your moments? We’ll go over how to dress, how to prep, and how to ENJOY your experience behind the camera!
  2. we shoot: you’ll be briefly trained on posing and the rest of the session is a whole lot of fun!
  3. we print: Brittany will walk you through framing, album making, canvas hanging and card giving so you can make an educated decision on how you’ll best delight in your images. Then, she’ll take it from there – designing, curating, and delivering ready-to-hang wall decor and heirloom albums!


Brittany’s work ranges from classic poses to in-the-moment lifestyle, and sometimes things get a little messy. Her philosophy, “I do crazy things for great images.”

Click an image below to see Take Delight’s gallery of recent work.


Curious about photography with Take Delight?