A Forested Escape


The McGranaham & Gonzales families are a warm and festive bunch, easy going and full of laughter. String lights and a chandelier hung above and the dance floor below sat atop fresh cut-outs of red dirt on the private property of the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.

Set in the small town of Camino to the east of Sacramento and nearby the very popular Apple Hill this photographer (hey, that’s me!) was overwhelmed with the visuals of a custom-built venue beaming with lush pine trees, a stabled horse nearby, an open meadow, and a reception area encircled by citronella torches.

As the sun set behind the tall pines and rays of sunshine dissolved into the darkness of an open night sky, this most beautiful scene seemed to say, “there is no ceiling to this love.

A wedding is such a special occasion. Love, joy and beauty abound for all the expected nuptial delights but this wedding was a photographer’s dream to top off such a majestic day!

Many blessings to the newly Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Gonzales for as many laughs, adventures, and moments of happiness you can bear.

May 30, 2015



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