70 Years of Marriage

Words cannot describe the wonder of a 70th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Generations & decades past come to mind, I can’t help but think they were married so many decades ago. Their love has truly seen it all.

The Garcia family is fun, straightforward, full of generosity and deep rooted faith in God. Although their photographer, I was treated more as a guest than anything. I was even told to put down my camera and eat lunch alongside everyone, like now. By the way, it was Delicious.

The young-at-heart Don & Olga cut their cake hand in hand and Don shared several stories from the start of their relationship. My heart was struck with the innocent adventure of their love as he told of how he had to bring his mother to the court with him because the law stated a man must be a minimum of 21 years young to marry and he was not yet 20. His wife was of age for a woman to marry – being 18 – and did not need an approving signature, unlike her husband.

From the youngest of toddlers as the 4th generation to the 1st generation represented at this celebration there was before me a legacy of love, relationship, marriage & faith in every smile.














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