Mariah Class of ’16


Mariah Felix is graduating from Central High in Fresno, California in a few very short weeks. She enjoys tennis and has a very calm and sweet nature. Her mother came along to help keep her looking sharp throughout the session and I could see the pride she had in the amazing woman Mariah has grown up to be.

As California had an extremely late fall with warm cinnamon, pumpkin and cranberry colored leaves hanging onto branches until the first weekend in December. So luckily for both me and Mariah, we were able to enjoy a autumn-y photo sesh just before Christmas!


Mariah knew what she wanted for her senior portraits like the location and pose ideas, and was such an easy-going client, too. It is actually reassuring when clients know what they want; as a photographer I know what they value and it motivates me to create it and capture it.

I would say that Mariah’s session was very successful, especially because it included playing in the leaves and enjoying a cool autumn afternoon. Best of luck as you enjoy your senior year and walk out into the world to chase your dreams Mariah!



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