Psalm 37:4

Take Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Wow, doesn’t that just sound great? God is going to just give me anything my heart desires…

That actually isn’t anything like how God seems to work in my life. As I get to know who God really is + the more I learn about his character, the more I learn this lesson over and over again: seek God first, and the rest will come. In other words, first take delight in God; enjoy, discover, pursue, trust, and share in the splendor of a heavenly father, a friend, counselor, defender and king and the rest will come.

It was after I had graduated from university with a degree in agriculture (I know, right?) and I had applied for a Christian missionary discipleship + photography combo program.

My application was filled out, I had given a 5 month heads up to my boss, and had begun to adjust for my upcoming adventure. While simultaneously receiving my acceptance letter I was also offered to join a similar – but different – program with the same organization that  would begin in just less than two months. I panicked. I was excited because I had been accepted, but yet anxious because of the unexpected.

All of a sudden I had gone from being at peace to feeling this chaos. Both options were suited for me and initially the only big difference was the start times. I had NO clue how to pick, they both seemed great, and they both seemed like a good fit.

After a lot of soul searching, freaking out, feeling confused & getting distracted by everything I sat down to pray. Again. Only this time, I felt like God was impressing upon me, “Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire.”

It sounded so beautiful, so peaceful, and brought a smile to my heart (and face). I immediately felt at peace again and as a wise friend pointed out photography had always been my heart’s desire and I finally had God’s green light.

Later, I came to understand just what God meant when He offered me my heart’s desire. It wasn’t that God was letting go of the reins, sitting back and letting me have a day in the driver’s seat like in Bruce Almighty. It was that as I had come to delight in the very nature of God himself (not what he does for me or using God in vain to make my world make sense) and that prepared me to be able to (properly) handle and be entrusted with God’s big ideas for me.

So delightful God is!


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