Tradition + Country Lovin’

Chris & Becca’s wedding day was a beautiful day of vows & sunshine. Becca was sure she wanted to have a ‘sneak peak’ at her soon-to-be husband so we staged their reveal at a park nearby the church. What fun! Their bridal party was a hoot during the photography but nothing I didn’t just chime in on.

[photographer’s insight: i love to mix a little socializing with the bridal party pictures to keep everyone naturally smiling & comfortable].

After that I drove the Bride back to the church, leading a caravan of handsomely dressed bridesmaids and groomsmen. Their traditional church service was a reminder of the simple purpose underlying their grand day of nuptials. Smiles abounded with glistening eyes on the faces of the bridal party and guests alike as they exited the sanctuary.

The ceremony happened mid-afternoon with plenty of time for enjoying the company of witnesses at their barn-meets-warehouse reception at the local fairgrounds.


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