Wilkins Wedding


Long awaited love develops a special kind of bond. It grows in commitment & purpose assuring the leap is worth the taking.

Carissa & Aaron dated for 7 years as they met in high school & Aaron patiently waited to propose until she had graduated university with her pre-med ambitions. On the wedding day their love was potent, splashing on everyone in attendance. The day was quaint, beautiful, and intimate.

Wilkins Wedding TDP16-7887

Wilkins Wedding TDP16-8054As Aaron waded through those last few moments of being a single man emotion welled up and spilled over as he saw his bride approach him. He was finally going to marry his best friend, his wife.

Meaningful does not quite capture how special their ceremony was. It was the ultimate culmination of their faith in God leading them to this crossroads of marriage; on the other side, a single path.

Total confession from this here photographer: I cried the sweetest of tears throughout the entire ceremony. I think it is half because I’ve known Carissa all my life, half because of the the power of faith + relationship. It was surreal – I was experiencing a nearly tangible form of love. Pure love. There was a reverence for each other and for God who I can’t see but always want to. It was so sweet this encounter, my eyes leaked!


2 thoughts on “Wilkins Wedding

  1. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to photograph our wedding day. Thank you so much for your amazing artwork and passion!


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