You Are Already “Camera-Ready”

The camera doesn’t always show what you’d like it to show. Maybe its showing something other than your “good” side, or you didn’t have your chin ‘out and down’ enough or perhaps the outfit you were wearing is apparently not as flattering as it was this morning (and now you’ve got some investigating to do to see if that mirror in your bedroom hasYou are beautiful and the world needs you. (2).png been lying to you…).

Faaacck. I really despise those kinds of thoughts. But I’ve had them about myself and whats worse, I’ve had them about others, too. I could keep typing and hope that somehow, eventually, I’d arrive at some pin-pointed reason for these thoughts, these beliefs. There’s self-confidence and self-esteem issues in there for sure, I’d throw in some “I was raised to think that way” in there for good measure, and well we can’t forget all the magazines and movies and countless insta-moments that look oh so flawless and magazine-ready it makes me take one look at my life and insta-judge everything about it….

But, I won’t. Because I’m sure you have your reasons (or are they excuses? I think mine are, most of ’em anyway). And talking about the reasons and the side effects may feel good for a moment (I’m all about processing and taking the time to reflect about your own ish) but I don’t want to get stuck there. I’m tired of my excuses usually before I even get them out for good uses…

So I’m doing something about it! For myself, and for you too, lady. I’m speaking up and shouting from my rooftop what I believe is true (when I’m not ransacked by PMS or sleep deprived).


Whenever I’m photographing a client and hear things like what they might not like about themselves or what they don’t want the camera to point out I wonder, ‘do their best friends or loved ones think this way about them?’

Any time I’ve ever whined about my insecurities (my arms are jiggly and I don’t like it) I’ve never once had someone I trust and love say, “oh yeah, girl, those gotta go.” Because what kind of company would I be keeping if I had someone like that in my trusty tribe?!

And yet, that’s probably what you’re thinking about yourself. Or something along those lines, I can’t read your mind, especially not through this internet connection.

Photography has taught me this: what the camera sees is YOU and what your friends and loved ones see is YOU and they love you for it! What does that leave us with as the culprit for negative self-image? The self. Oh, the humanity! Sometimes I just wish I wasn’t so human. Don’t you? Human nature is a tricky bastard but with good friends and loved ones to remind us, plus me, your gracious camera-wielding compañera, you can overcome your ish and take delight in what the camera sees: YOU.


Comment below if this resonates with you or if you are less than stoked whenever a camera (or phone or heaven forbid an entire tablet) is whipped out. Do you see anything irrational about your reasons? Are they just excuses?

I pray you reach the day that you take delight in who you are just as you are because you are beautiful and the world needs you. If your tribe loves you for YOU, why shouldn’t you?


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