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Referral Thank You Program

It might be rare these days with social media everything and pay-per-click advertising and all the wedding vendor finders out there like The Knot and Wedding Wire…but almost ALL of Take Delight’s clients have sprouted up from relationships with and referrals by clients. Whoa. If that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.


Thank you. Thank you so much for those that have been with me since 2014 (wow, really, 4 years?!). You’ve trusted me with your precious moments and milestones and together we’ve created beautiful captures of your life that you now get to take delight in forever. Thank you for mentioning Take Delight, fan-girling or -boying over my work and for the compliment of pairing me up with your friends and family. That’s HUGE of you. And I don’t want my gratitude to stop at just a “thank you.”

Thank you for referring Take Delight to all those mama's and lovebirds!
Thank you for referring Take Delight to all those mama’s and lovebirds!

I’ve been talking about this with those of you on my newsletter email list for a while now (click here to join in on the fun!)  and I’ve finally come up with a great idea for rewarding you, my delights, for doin’ me a solid and sharing my posts and forwarding my website to our co-workers and compadres. Well, actually, my brother-in-law should get 87% credit for the idea but either way, I’ve got a delightful treat for you!


When you refer a friend/foe/compadre/family member/that stranger you met at the grocery store that you *luckily* guessed correctly and she’s actually pregnant/your engaged lovebird friends to Take Delight and they book a session with me, I’ll gift you a credit for a FREE set of photo Christmas cards! And guess what?! For every referral that books, you get another credit so start drafting that mailing list and don’t hold back.

A couple rules:
1. be sure to contact me when you’ve made a referral so I know to look out for your referral 2. to qualify, your referral must book and pay for their session in full to earn each credit before November 30, 2018 3. to redeem your credit, book a new photo session (any occasion) between July 1 and November 15, 2018 and use your new, beautiful images for your card design 4. one credit is good for up to $45 applied to one/each set of 25 cards, envelopes included. Choose from foil lettering, designs and card shapes; if your choice totals more than $45/set or for any add-ons you just pay the difference. 5. most importantly, take delight in your good deeds with free cards!

For any questions or to start earning those credits please don’t hesitate to email me at hello (at) takedelightphotography (dot) com. Happy referring!

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