1 Wedding Planning Tip that will Jumpstart your To-Do List

Wedding planning can be a doozy!

One bride said: “Having to call and email to get pricing was the most frustrating part when trying to find a venue. I could have eliminated at least three venue tours if they had been up front with pricing. Once we toured them they were open about pricing and at that point it was a huge waste of everyone’s time.”


This actually happened to Pablo and I! We had tickets for a show in the San Luis Obispo area that just so happened to be a couple weeks after we got engaged so hey, why not look at venues while we were there?!

At our scheduled venue tour we were jazzed about the vistas, details and even the down-to-earth couple that ran the venue. So much so that in telling my mom about it she suggested she come see it, too – THE NEXT DAY! The venue was beautiful and had quality written all over it but unfortunately it would have been about 2/3 of our budget. Yikes! For us, that wouldn’t work because our priorities were live music and of course photography!

Rookie Mistake: we didn’t think to think about getting pricing information before my mom offered to drive out or before we left our first tour. After we did we were shocked and then disappointed and then I was full of regret for having my mom drive last minute all the way to the venue.

Budgets are important (and don’t grow on trees, danngggit!) so be sure to get pricing before getting too involved with any vendors. This will save you the heartache and it will also save you time!

Some vendors won’t share their pricing until you’ve shown that you are genuinely interested in their product or service (boo you spam calls, price shoppers, and no-show-ers). Despite their good intentions this actually can plug up your planning process. If you request their pricing info and they don’t share on the first contact, don’t be discouraged! Reply with your genuine self and explain what exactly it is that interests you in what they do and ask for it again. Chances are they’ll want to chat with you after they see you’re actually interested. The only catch? Be sure that you are *actually interested.* Reaching out to the vendors you’re most interested in will give you the best idea on what your options will be like. And who knows, maybe you’ll land your dream team of vendors on the first tries?

Share this with someone that’s in the planning process or will be soon so they can learn from my mistakes. And then, #letstakedelight.

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