Meet Brittany

Brittany Lopez is a professional wedding & portrait photographer based in both Fresno & Sacramento, California and Bee 2also snaps her way around world; she loves to travel!


Take Delight Photography is not just a photography service, but was created with a dual purpose: to provide excellent customer experience from start to finish for photography clients and serve the local community by designating 10% gross income which is set aside to serve churches, schools, non-profits, individual missionaries and special events.


In both client and community endeavors, Brittany prioritizes connecting on a human level in this busy, give me a deal, to-go, with-extra-whip kind of world. Personable, genuine and full to the brim with joy Brittany shares her lovingkindness with whomever she meets.

A note from Brittany:

On New Year’s day: 2015 I took a leap and my something shifted; it was my ambition. I decided to leave the hobbying behind and go into the professional world of capturing moments. I run my business with a dual mission: at least 10% of my gross income will be automatically designated for giving back: to missionaries in Sacramento and around the world as well as local causes with sustainable, transparent, and promising practices. My photography services will not only provide clients with a quality experience and photos to last a lifetime but also serve churches, missionaries, and under-resourced folks. My goal is to earn a living – not build an empire – doing what I love and glorifying God with every step I take.

My Mission & Vision:

V: to create full-of-life, dynamic photos striving to make an imprint of joy, wonder, and fascination to those that see what I create.

M: to capture in two dimensions the inspiration I witness all around me, in people I meet, clients that hire my photography services, places I go and treasures I discover; and then to share this visual delight with as many eyes, hearts and minds as possible.

What is in a name?

The foundation of many milestones in Brittany’s relationship with God were set upon on the Bible verse “take delight in the Lord & He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4. This verse in the Psalms has continuously inspired her major life choices [like starting this business!], teaching her how God seems to release our destiny for purpose when we are completely set on knowing Him, taking delight in who He is and how he longs for relationship with you and me. It is in that very place that she has received the desires of her heart, like making a living with photography. It is this truth about God that propels her daringly forward without sight of the next stepping stone.

And so I named this business Take Delight, the brainchild of many lessons learned that all spoke to the same unfailing love.

Want to get in touch? Contact her via email or Facebook messenger, she’d love to get to know you, answer any questions, or even just pray for you!

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