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Referral Thank You Program

It might be rare these days with social media everything and pay-per-click advertising and all the wedding vendor finders out there like The Knot and Wedding Wire...but almost ALL of Take Delight's clients have sprouted up from relationships with and referrals by clients. Whoa. If that's not worth celebrating, I don't know what is. WHICH … Continue reading Referral Thank You Program

Wilkins Wedding

  Long awaited love develops a special kind of bond. It grows in commitment & purpose assuring the leap is worth the taking. Carissa & Aaron dated for 7 years as they met in high school & Aaron patiently waited to propose until she had graduated university with her pre-med ambitions. On the wedding day their love was … Continue reading Wilkins Wedding

Psalm 37:4

Take Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 Wow, doesn’t that just sound great? God is going to just give me anything my heart desires... That actually isn’t anything like how God seems to work in my life. As I get to know who God really is + the more I … Continue reading Psalm 37:4

Anna & Josh

Excitement and generous affection filled the atmosphere when I met up with Anna & Josh at a beach near Point Reyes Lighthouse & National Park just north of San Francisco Bay. It was mid-August and hot & sunny in most of Northern California so as you can imagine that would provide a picturesque late-summer sunset session with a warm beach-y scape...but that is … Continue reading Anna & Josh

70 Years of Marriage

Words cannot describe the wonder of a 70th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Generations & decades past come to mind, I can't help but think they were married so many decades ago. Their love has truly seen it all. The Garcia family is fun, straightforward, full of generosity and deep rooted faith in God. Although their photographer, I was treated more as a … Continue reading 70 Years of Marriage