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Thanks for the Digs! (I’ve got a Gift for you!)

It might be rare these days with social media everything and pay-per-click advertising and all the wedding vendor finders out there like The Knot and Wedding Wire...but almost ALL of Take Delight's clients have sprouted up from relationships with and referrals by clients. Whoa. If that's not worth celebrating, I don't know what is. WHICH … Continue reading Thanks for the Digs! (I’ve got a Gift for you!)

You Are Already “Camera-Ready”

The camera doesn't always show what you'd like it to show. Maybe its showing something other than your "good" side, or you didn't have your chin 'out and down' enough or perhaps the outfit you were wearing is apparently not as flattering as it was this morning (and now you've got some investigating to do to see … Continue reading You Are Already “Camera-Ready”

Tradition + Country Lovin’

Chris & Becca's wedding day was a beautiful day of vows & sunshine. Becca was sure she wanted to have a 'sneak peak' at her soon-to-be husband so we staged their reveal at a park nearby the church. What fun! Their bridal party was a hoot during the photography but nothing I didn't just chime in on. [photographer's … Continue reading Tradition + Country Lovin’

Eloping to Paradise

Destination weddings are the perfect way to honor a love for travel on the day you say, "I do." Some destination weddings are intimate gatherings of immediate family members and best friends and others are even smaller, with just a priest or a pastor to officiate the ceremony. [Photographer's insight: I love to travel so destination weddings … Continue reading Eloping to Paradise

Mariah Class of ’16

  Mariah Felix is graduating from Central High in Fresno, California in a few very short weeks. She enjoys tennis and has a very calm and sweet nature. Her mother came along to help keep her looking sharp throughout the session and I could see the pride she had in the amazing woman Mariah has grown … Continue reading Mariah Class of ’16

Anna & Josh

Excitement and generous affection filled the atmosphere when I met up with Anna & Josh at a beach near Point Reyes Lighthouse & National Park just north of San Francisco Bay. It was mid-August and hot & sunny in most of Northern California so as you can imagine that would provide a picturesque late-summer sunset session with a warm beach-y scape...but that is … Continue reading Anna & Josh