Photography That Gives Back

I’ve always admired those that give generously. And I’ve always had this gut feeling that I wanted to change the world by doing good for others.

It’s a simple wonder that someone would give when there’s no consequence when you don’t. Isn’t that just so powerful?

Companies like TOMS have inspired me to create a business that gives back because at the end of the day and after I’ve earned a living, my business can leverage the world-changing power of profitability. So many industries that hurt our world thrive because they’re fueled by money. And yet there is plenty of resources, know-how and caring people to fix all of them. But there’s no money in it.

I want to change that. Let’s choose to put money where it counts! Your purchases can make this world a better place!

Take Delight was born from a time in my life where I was too sick to work. So sick for so long that I had to quit my 2 year commitment as a volunteer for a sustainable and low-technology development program only 9 months in.

I was heartbroken that my time of giving back ended so abruptly but my love for helping others was still very alive and well.

I stumbled across not too long after starting my business and just KNEW that they were the perfect fit for my dream of doing good with my photography and talents. Their program is sustainable, empowering (not enabling), scalable, and best of all addresses the whole person, not the symptoms and not just one aspect.

What Compassion Village addresses:

The Big Three
Tiny Houses for the Homeless are ideal because they accomplish the three biggest needs of all people at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing programs and social services.

What are the big three?

1) Safety: All people need to feel (and be) safe. A dead bolt and a key make this a reality. You and your things remain safe. This means that you can accumulate and build up your material belongings that meet your basic needs like clothing, bedding, and hygiene items, too.

2) Place: Everyone needs a place they can identify as, “home.” It’s where you belong and where you have a right to be. You can rest, you can dream, you can plan and you can live much better when you have a place that is yours.

3) Community: Every person needs people to connect with. To care for and be cared for, to be supported and have good company that will support like family.

Without these 3, it is nearly impossible to survive in this life let alone be free to thrive in ways that life has to offer. Imagine if you didn’t have a place to come home to on the daily. Or perhaps your belongings weren’t safe and there when you returned to use them. We can’t expect anyone to ‘get out of’ homelessness if they don’t have access to the basic things required to survive.

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